Traditional herb for body odor

Traditional herb for body odor.  you definitely do not want to have an unpleasant body odor. Indeed, this body odor disease is very disturbing our confidence both for the comfort of self and for others. We feel insecure if our body odor does not smell good. And maybe other people will also feel reluctant to associate with people who smell bad body. This body odor disease must be overcome

Actually this body odor disease can we eliminate by using traditional medicine or natural way. Even a lot of advantages if we eliminate body odor is not delicious using traditional medicine. Usually if the disease we treat with traditional medicines or natural way then the healing process is quite powerful and permanent. And also the traditional medicine that did not cause any significant side effects.

Generally people take the way to get rid of body odor wants in an instant way, such as by using a perfume or deodorant. Indeed if we use perfume and deodorant can eliminate or reduce body odor. But the average process of eliminating body odor using modern drugs will usually cause side effects such as the occurrence of irritation to the skin. And most importantly if we eliminate body odor using a lotion made from chemicals, usually the healing process is not permanent. Body odor disappears when we are using perfume or deodorant only. When the smell of perfume and deodorant disappear then that appears only the body odor is not delicious. Traditional herb for body odor

Body odor caused by excessive sweating. So that body odor disease is usually more common in people who used to work hard. Then the body odor can happen from wrong in consuming food. Because many foods that can cause bad body odor. Or it could be body odor arise because we are very lazy in the activities of cleaning the body or bathing. Traditional herb for body odor

4 Traditional Medicines (Natural Ways) How To Eliminate Bad Body Odor
Whatever the reason traditional medicine is the best solution to treat the disease as well as in eliminating body odor. Although the healing process is a bit slow, but we can feel for yourself the way traditional medicine. The most important of these traditional remedies are able to treat body odor permanently.

1. Betel leaf (Traditional herb for body odor)

Of course to get this betel leaf is not difficult. Betel leaf can be found around our environment. Even to grow their own betel leaf plants is quite easy. Plug, let, then grow this betel leaf plants.

In the treatment of body odor using betel leaf is categorized into two kinds. The process of healing from the inside and healing body odor from the outside. If we want to get the maximum results, then we can use both ways at once.

The healing process to remove body odor from inside using betel leaf the way is very easy. We can take 4 to 5 pieces of betel leaf and then boiled with two glasses of water to boil. Do not forget to betel leaf we wash it until clean. After cooking, we can consume boiled water betel leaves every day.

Then for healing as a way to remove bad body odor that process from the outside is by bathing the water of betel leaves. Of course if we do this trick then the number of betel leaves to be multiplied. For example we can use as many as 40 sheets of betel leaves for the process of bathing.

2. Ginger (Traditional herb for body odor)

One of the traditional remedies to eliminate body odor is with ginger. How to use it is easy. To eliminate body odor that process from the outside, you can use ginger by rubbing ginger in areas that often give off odor. For example the most common things that often give off odor is the armpits. Do not forget also before use the jahenya to be washed first until clean.

For the healing process of body odor from the inside, you can consume ginger drink everyday. Do this regularly and regularly then feel the benefits.

3. Basil Leaf (Traditional herb for body odor)

Apparently this basil leaf in addition to flavoring dishes can also be used to treat our body odor. Eating basil leaves continuously will make our body odor disappear. To find basil leaves even this is very easy. We can look around our neighborhood or can plant it ourselves in the home page.

4. Cloves (Traditional herb for body odor)

In addition to the three traditional medicines already described above, using cloves can also remove the odor caused by our bodies. How to use these cloves is to soak the cloves mixed with sugar to taste. After really expanding the effects of this soaking, then consume these cloves.


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