The Benefits of Archery

The Benefits of Archery

Archery is one of the activities currently being enjoyed in Indonesia, archery is not only done by athletes in the archery game, archery has become a hobby for some people, as well as one of the activities advocated in the Islamic religion, the archery has many advantages among others.

Physical training with archery sport, an archer can survive in the hot sun. Train accuracy, and have balance. Indirectly can be more resistant to heat, sweating, and dehydration as it is trained. An archer can have a strong body. Because it will train the muscles of the arms, hands, shoulders, chest and shoulders at the same time. This is achieved by appropriately pulling the bowstring. An advanced archer knows the right size of his bow for himself. And when the body becomes strong, then the mental soul also tends to also strengthen. The Benefits of Archery

the benefit of archery is to keep the heart. What is self-pity For them should have the will to keep themselves especially keep the heart, because we know that the heart is an important organ in the body. Doing archery sports can also be used to flex the muscles of the hand muscles, because if you do this arrow exercise then you will be trained to move arrows. Therefore why this arrow sport can flex the hand muscles. The Benefits of Archery

Focusing training, archery practice requires very high concentration, hand and eye resistance, and predicting wind direction, unaffected by the circumstances, both in the opposite vote and the audience or other sounds. will determine the accuracy of arrows in achieving the goal, it is very good to train focus and concentration.
This sport can train patience, slow game tempo, and the game pattern is not much movement to make this sport is very good to train patience.

This sport will generate confidence. The nature of self-confidence will be indirectly inside you if you are an archer. That’s because when archery requires a high confidence. To be able to conquer the arrow targets needed Confidence. Thus you are trained to be a strong person who does not give up easily.

The Benefits of Archery

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