Story of Indonesian Heroes Bung Tomo

Indonesian Heroes Bung Tomo

Indonesia is a country that seizes its independence by fighting, cries the word “Merdeka” to trigger the spirit of the nation’s fighters to fight the invaders bravely. The sentence also reminds us of the figure of bung tomo.

Bung tomo’s real name is Sutomo, he was born in Surabaya, on October 3, 1920. The father’s name from bung tomo is the Tjiptowidjojo Journalist. He had worked as a government employee at the time, so the bung tomo family was a middle-class family. while his mother had worked in a sewing machine company

Bung tomo childhood, living in the area he was born, bung tomo through basic education, he entered the first school education in MULO. At the age of 12, he got out of school and worked at that time. However, after that, he continued his studies at HBS through correspondence, but never passed officially.

after his education at HBS bung tomo joined the Indonesian Nation Scout (KBI). Here he received a formal education education. From this KBI he also mengapaykan the importance of independence, at that time his nationalism soul began to flare.

Entering the age of 17 years, he reached the level of Pandu Garuda in KBI. With that rank, he began to be known by many people. Here Sutomo shows his concern for the nation. In addition to being active in the scouting, he is also involved in the writing world. At that time he also became a freelance journalist on Soeara Oemoem Daily (General Voice -EYD). A year later, at the age of 18, he became the People’s Defender’s Weekly Editor. In 1939, at the age of 19, he became a journalist and writer of the Javanese daily newspaper, Express. His career in the press world continued as he worked in the intermediate news agency, the Indonesian part for East Java. At the age of 25, he became head of the Antara news agency in Surabaya.

Apart from being a journalist, the spirit of struggle as an independence activist is still smoldering within his chest. In 1944, he was elected as a member of the New People’s Movement, and the administrators of Pemuda Republik Indonesia (PRI) in Surabaya. Patriotis Bung Tomo began to appear widely during the events of 10 November 1945.
On 10 November 1945 Bung Tomo gave a speech to awaken the soul and body of the Surabaya fighters, to fight the British invaders who wanted to retake Indonesia. Bung Tomo speaks through radio to burn the spirit of the people to fight to defend Indonesia. The incident, November 10, 1945, then made as the National Hero day. Indonesian Heroes Bung Tomo

Bung Tomo in the era of Indonesian independence became the State Minister for Armed Forces Affairs, Social Minister Ad Interim in the era of Prime Minister Cabinet Burhanuddin Harahap. Bung Tomo was also noted as a member of the House of Representatives in 1956-1959 representing the People’s Party of Indonesia. But his career in the political world was hampered In the early days of the New Order, 1978, he was detained for one year by the government because of his criticism.

Indonesian Heroes Bung Tomo
On 7 October 1981 he died in Padang Arafat, saudi arabia, while performing the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Bung Tomo’s body was brought back to the homeland and buried at Ngagel Public Cemetery in Surabaya.


Bung Tomo Speech on 10 November 1945

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