The steps of smart campus development

Many of us do not know the term Smart Campus. What is Smart Campus, How smart campus concept, and what are the implementation of Smart campus development

Smart campus is a smart technology that is applied in a college ranging from community colleges, polytechnics, high schools, & universities. the concept of Smart Campus itself, is the concept of a campus that apply and integrate the learning system with the use of Information Technology. So, Smart Campus is essentially to facilitate the activities of teaching and learning process by utilizing Information Technology.

Implementation of Information Technology using Smart Campus system, not only facilitate the teaching-learning process, but also in the process for the interests of campus management affairs, libraries and so forth.

The concept of Smart Campus can be illustrated with detail in the picture above where by using Smart Campus, all the elements related to the campus become interconnected with each other. Everything is connected from lecturers, staff, students, parents / guardians of students and also operators to facilitate activities related to the campus. smart campus development

An example of Smart Campus implementation is with the use of an Integrated Academic System. By using the Integrated Academic System existing in Smart Campus, employees can use the lecture data of students to be used on the interests of other systems. For example on the system Finance (Finance), Library, Smart Cafe, Smart Parking, Scholarships and other interests. smart campus development

 First Step to build Smart Campus is Academic Information system Development.
benefits of academic information systems in Higher Education:

1. Data Integration

Given in a university there are several applications and systems, then the integration of this data is very useful to avoid duplication of data. Integration means the existence of the relationship between a system with other systems. By using data integration, this means that each information can share the same data at the same time.

2. As an Information Center

By using Academic Information System, will provide convenience for students and lecturers in accessing information wherever and whenever. Information that can be accessed in the course value, IP and GPA, Lecture Schedule, Attendance, Student Data and Lecturer, and many more related to academic information.

3. Record Tool of All Campus Activities

In addition to the information center, Academic Information System can also be used to record all campus activities. Latest activity information campus can be updated in the Academic Information System so that students and Lecturers are unable to attend can know the ongoing activities.

4. User Communication Media

Generally Academic Information System contains as information center, but this is more than that. Academic Information System can be made as Media Communication between users either through chat, email, or through the forum.

smart campus development

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