Seruit Traditional Food from lampung indonesia

Seruit Traditional Food lampung indonesia

Indonesia is known as a variety of cuisine that has a distinctive taste and delicious, one of the foods that exist in Indonesia is Seruit. Seruit is a traditional food from Lampung. Lampung is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is occupied by Lampung tribe.
This food is fried or baked fish dish mixed with chili paste, chili sauce or mango sauce.
About Seruit
The name of whistle comes from the word ‘nyeruit’ which means work done together. This illustrates the people of Lampung who have high value togetherness. Lampung has two indigenous communities, namely Lampung Sai Batin and Lampun Pepadun. For the people of Lampung Pepadun, seruit is the staple food. Tradition ‘Nyeruit’ is very popular in Lampung society, dining together is one way to stay in touch and strengthen brotherhood, dish seruit served in one place, which is so busy eating, so that the sense of kinship will feel very thick.
Servings Seruit
In making seruit, fish that are usually used are river fish such as balide fish, baung, and layis. Previously, the fish was flavored with spices that have been mashed. Seasonings are garlic, salt, turmeric, and ginger. After that, then the fish is burned or fried then chili paste mixed with tempoyak. To complete this dish, it is usually eaten with rice and vegetables.

Terasi and Tempoyak
The specialty of the seruit is on sambal terasi and tempoyaknya. Tempoyak itself is a durian that has been preserved and fermented. Sambal terasi and mixed tempoyak produce spicy, sour, and slightly sweet taste.
Seruit Materials
First we will prepare a variety of ingredients for the manufacture of food that is typical of this lampung seruit and also a fine spice for chili used. Learn more about these materials as below!

Basic material
– 500 gr of catfish (or can with carp)
– 1/2 teaspoon salt
– 1 orange juice

Sambal Ingredients
– 1 pack of shrimp paste
– 50 grams of curly pepper
– 100 gr cherry tomatoes
– 3 grains of red onion
– salt to taste
– tempoyak (fermented duration)
– 1 mango, sliced ​​as small as possible
– 1 orange juice, squeeze the water

How to Make a Seruit Recipe Typical Lampung
Here please immediately practiced at home how to make and prepare this seruit cuisine. Do not forget the spices and ingredients I mentioned above prepared first before starting. The first one we will fruit is sambal, let’s start.

Seruit Traditional Food lampung indonesia

First of all, to sauce, bake all ingredients except salt, tempoyak, mango and lime. Once cooked, mash, put salt, tempoyak, mango chunks and lime juice. Then clean the catfish, cut into small pieces.

Mix pieces of fish with chili sauce, knead by hand until crushed and flattened. The dish is ready to serve.

Seruit Traditional Food lampung indonesia

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