PHP Codeigniter Framework, what is framework ?

PHP Codeigniter Framework

Framework can be interpreted as a framework. The framework in which it can facilitate our work. in the PHP programming language, framework is defined as a programming scheme that has been patterned and facilitate web developers in the making of web using PHP script.

framework can facilitate the creation of applications for example when we create a web application we often write PHP script as a whole and the script is also we repeated on another page. it is not efficient to do. other than that the program will feel heavier when in the first run.

With PHP Framework all can be resolved. Everything is set up into certain patterns called class. Pattern / class is what eases us in writing the script and load web pages.

PHP Codeigniter Framework

PHP Framework is different when compared to CMS (Content Management System), although equally lighten in making web. If using CMS, we do not need to write scripts. Everything has been made into Fix and we only need to manage the content and interfaces only. Not so with Framework. Building a web application using the framework, we still have to write PHP command code in accordance with the environment space provided by the framework.

PHP Framework uses MVC based development method. But what is MVC? MVC is a method to separate parts of a web application. MVC is short for Model View Controller. MVC consists of three parts namely;

  1. Model: The model represents the data structure. Usually the model contains the functions that help us in the management of databases such as entering data into the database, update data and others
  2. View: View is the part that set the view to the user. Can be said in the form of a web page.
  3. Controller: The controller is the part that bridges the model and view. Controller contains php scripts that serve to process a data and send it to a web page.

PHP Codeigniter Framework

This is where the main difference between the framework with CMS or PHP conventional. With the MVC method, the display section, logic and database queries are placed separately but remain in sync so that the creation of the application becomes more structured and simple. Model used in writing script database, Controller to develop programming logic, while View function in displaying layout of application that we make. The advantages of the framework include the following:

  1. Light and fast. The framework only does the required library / class call to minimize the necessary resources so that when we load a page it will be light and fast.
  2. Using the MVC method. As explained earlier, the MVC method will make it easier to understand the programming flow because for the view, logic and database queries have been broken down in such a way.
  3. Mayortity supports different types of databases.

Next Discussion we will talking about CI Framework.

PHP Codeigniter Framework


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