Models and Motifs Tapis Lampung

Models and Motifs Tapis Lampung,Various kinds of motifs and popular types commonly used by the people of Lampung to make Tapis cloth craft. In the past, Kain Tapis was used by Lampung people as clothing. Now, Kain Tapis is used by some people of Lampung to increase income and improve the economy. However, Kain Tapis is now experiencing a decline in production, because many people do not know how to make filter cloth and determine the motive. Understanding Tapis cloth itself is a clothing used women from the tribe of Lampung, which is used to align themselves to the environment and to respect the Creator.

Tapis fabric made by the people of Lampung usually shaped sarong and scarf. Typically, the most commonly fabricated fabric is shaped sarong. Tapis fabric is usually made by women / girls and housewives. In the beginning, Kain Tapis was made to fill the spare time and with the aim to fulfill their customary demands that are considered sacred. Now, Kain Tapis is made to increase the income, creativity, and improve the economy of some people of Lampung, Tapis cloth is quite expensive, because the making of Tapis cloth takes months and the material is quite difficult to find so that the price of Tapis Cloth become expensive.

The price of a Tapis cloth is quite expensive, Tapis fabric is judged from the material of manufacture, motive, tidiness, and beauty. Because now there are not many companies producing Tapis Fabrics, the price of a Tapis Fabric becomes very expensive. The price of a Tapis cloth currently ranges between 600 thousand – 3 million rupiah for the market price in the region of the archipelago (Indonesia). Meanwhile, the price of Tapis cloth for overseas area, ranged from 2 to 8 million rupiah. All the price depends on the type of motive, now, the motive of the most sought after is the nuances of nature and life.

Various kinds of Tapis Lampung Clothes Most Popular:

1. Slopes motif

Slope motif is the most popular motif in Lampung society. This motif is also often used as a teacher of art / work as the task of the students at school (Lampung) in making a dapper fabric tapered with slopes. Slope motifs are also commonly used by producing Tapis fabrics as their main motif. The color on the back of this motif is red, and the color of triangle that resembles the shape of the golden slopes to look more harmonious and beautiful.

2. Motif Mount
This motif spelled out a very beautiful motif when done thoroughly. The shape of this motif is a large triangle that looks like a picture of a mountain’s motif. So the motive of this one is called the mountain motif by the people of Lampung.

3. Hill Motif
As the name suggests, this motif is called a hill motif because the shape of this motif looks like a hill. This motif is often made a motive creations by the people of Lampung, this form of a hill-like motif is transformed into a siger crown that looks very beautiful.

Various Types of Tapis Lampung Terpopuler:

1. King of Medal Filter
Material of this type of fabric This filter is cotton yarn, yellow, black, and green horizontal. Tapis cloth is worn by the bride while performing a traditional wedding ceremony of Lampung. The King Medal Tapis cloth is also often worn by the wife of the oldest relatives at the time of the customary marriage ceremony, taking the title of the prince and sultan. The motif of the Raja Medal Tapis cloth type is the chicken motif, and the shoot bamboo shoot motif.

2. Single King Tapis
The motive of the Single Tapis Raja Fabric, among others, the motive of the person who was boarding the boat, the motive of the man who was riding a horse, and the motif of the star.

3. Tuho Tapis
The color of the Tuho Tapis Fabric is brown and blue. The motif of the Tuho Tapis Fabrics is the animal motif on the top of the fabric and the upright sasab on the color field divider, on the bottom of the Tuho Tapis Fabric, there are several patches of glass and moci. Tapis Tuhis cloth is used for married women and used to bring the bride during traditional ceremonies of Lampung.

4. Silung Sea Filters
Silung Laut Tapis cloth is used by wives who belong to distant relatives while attending traditional ceremonies, and also used by bridesmaids.

5. Linau Sea Filters
Linau Sea Liner Shoes are used by cute dancing girls and bridesmaids.

6. Balak Chain
Tapis Balak is used by a group of younger sisters and wife groups whose children are taking a prince title during the degree-taking ceremony.

7. Shoot Buds Shoots
Tapis Tebis Shoots Shoots are worn by married women during traditional ceremonies.

8. Glass Filter
Tapis Kaca cloth is worn by bridesmaids during traditional ceremonies.

9. Silver Star Tapis
The motif of the Silver Star Tapis Fabrics is the motif of the star and geometric forms. Tapis cloth is used by women at the time of attending the traditional ceremony of Lampung.

10. Tapis Ratu Bone Onion
The motif of the Tapis Ratu Tulang Bawang cloth is shoot bamboo shoot and rhombus motif. The color of the fabric is red, black, and brown. This filter cloth is used by the wife of a ballast while attending a traditional ceremony of Lampung (Pepadun).

Models and Motifs Tapis Lampung


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