The History of Languange and Lampung Script

Lampung is one of the provinces in Indonesia, Lampung located at the lower end of Sumatra island, adjacent to Java island, separated by the Sunda Strait. Lampung people have language and script used to communicate, Lampung language has two dialeg, dialeg API and dialeg NYOW. Lampung script called “had lampung”. Is an arrangement of letters and punctuation that is used by the community Lampung to communicate in writing.

In Lampung around the fourth century stands standing a kingdom called Tulang Bawang, this kingdom is Buddhist and control of the Lampung until Southern Sumatra. the kingdom develope reading and speaking culture, literacy culture is brought by traders and spreaders of Buddhism who stay at Lampung.

Lampung script is estimated to exist in the area of ​​South Sumatra during the Sriwijaya Kingdom in 700 to 1000 AD. There are two elements that affect Had Lampung, Pallawa and Arabic Letters. Had Lampung has a shape similar to the Rencong script, Aksara Rejang Bengkulu, Sundanese script, and Lontara script. Had Lampung consists of the main letters or “Kelabai Surat”, companion letters or “Benah Surat”, double letter companion and consonant cluster, there are also symbols, numbers and punctuation.

Letters in the script Lampung called Basaja letter or also called the letter Rencong because the writing is tilted to the right, while writing Lampung is in the family Kaganga script. The term Kaganga is actually much broader, since the term itself was coined by Mervyn A. Jaspan (1926-1975), an anthropologist at the University of Hull, England, in his book ‘Folk Literature of South Sumatra’.

In the past, Lampung script is commonly used by the original girl of Lampung in writing spell charm of the opposite sex written on the media of bark. In addition, it is also used in legal writing, official letters to legalize traditional land ownership rights, mantras, magic, witchcraft, offerings, advices, prerequisites for leadership, medicine, and Islamic mystical poetry.

Lampung Script
Lampung Script

Scientific research on the language and script Lampung spearheaded by prof. Dr. Herman Neubronner van der Tuuk through the article “Een Vergelijkende Woordenlijst van Lampongsche Tongvallen” in the scientific journal Tijdschrift Bataviaasch Genootschap (TBG), volume 17, 1869, p. 569-575, as well as the article “Het Lampongsch en Zijne Tongvallen”, in TBG, volume 18, 1872, p. 118-156, followed by Prof. research. Dr. Charles Adrian van Ophuijsen through the article “Lampongsche Dwerghertverhalen” in the journal Bijdragen Koninklijk Instituut (BKI), volume 46, 1896, p. 109-142. Also Dr. Oscar Louis Helfrich in 1891 published the Lampongsch-Hollandsche Woordenlijst dictionary. Then there is a Ph.D. thesis. From Dale Franklin Walker at Cornell University, United States, entitled A Grammar of the Lampung Language (1973).

The new Lampung script is an alphabet that used among the people of Lampung, and is a lesson in school. The script was standardized by customary councils in Lampung on 23 February 1985.





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