How to using Leap Motion

Using Leap Motion on Unity Leap Motion Programming

Leap Motion is a technology developed for virtual reality equipment. Leap motion is developed by technology company The technology for Leap Motion was first developed in 2008, while co-founder David Holz .
Leap Motion (Hand Motion tracking) is a term for recording hand movements used to be digital models and is an enhancement that can be connected to a computer and can then be used to replace mouse and keyboard functions. The function of this tool called Leap Motion, can help users control or replace the task mouse or keyboard on the computer with just the movement of hands and fingers. Leap Motion form this box size is small enough so easy to carry wherever.

How it works Leap Motion is the user connects the device to the computer, and simply put it in front of the monitor or near the computer that must not be beyond the reach of the cable. Then Leap Motion will detect the presence of hands and fingers which then the user can use the desired hand or finger movements and movement combinations that have been set

Leap Motion

Leap Motion Programming

To be able to create applications using leap motion you need to install
1. Unity 3D
2. Download Unity Core Asset through the site
Next open Unity application.
1. Create a new project in unity.
2. Then go to Asset menu.
3. Import New Package
4. Select Unity Core Asset

Leap Motion Programming

5. Select import then select attachment hand on menu examples

Leap Motion Programming

6. Run the application

Leap Motion Programming

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