History of Fabric Tapis Traditional Cloth of Lampung Tribe

Tapis fabric is one of traditional handicraft community of Lampung. making this filter through the stages and time that leads to the perfection of weaving techniques, as well as ways to provide ornamentation in accordance with the development of community culture. According to Van der Hoop mentioned that the Lampung people have been weaving the Brocade cloth called the Tray and the fabric of the Pelepai since the second century AD. The motif of this cloth is the hook and konci (Key and Rhomboid shape), the living tree and the building containing the human spirit that has died. There are also animal motifs, sun, moon and jasmine flowers. Also known as woven multilayer fabric, embroidered with a white silk thread called Tapis Inuh Fabrics. The ornaments contained in Lampung woven fabric also have the same elements with decorations in other areas. This is evident from the elements of the influence of  Neolithikum age which is found in Indonesia. The entry of Islam in Lampung, was also enrich the development of this handicraft. Although the new element has been influential, the old elements are retained. The presence of communications and traffic between the Indonesian archipelago enables citizens to develop a maritime network. The maritime world or called the maritime era has begun to develop since the days of the Hindu kingdom of Indonesia and achieve glory during the growth and development of the Islamic kingdom between the year 1500 1700.

Starting from this historical background, the imagination and creation of a creative artist clearly influences the creation that takes ideas in everyday life that goes on around the environment of the artist in which he lives. The use of sailing transportation at the time and the nature of the marine environment has given the idea of using decorative motifs on ship cloth. Variety of ship motif on ship cloth shows the diversity of shapes and ship construction used. In its development, it was not all the Lampung tribe using Tapis as a means of life equipment. Known the Lampung tribe that commonly produces and develops Tapis weaving is Lampung tribe Pepadun.

Fabric Tapis Traditional

Tools and Materials to Make Tapis


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