Herbal Medicine Treat Bell Palsy On The Face

Bell Palsy,  is a weakness of the muscles on one side of your face, is a mild stroke that attacks the peripheral nerves in our bodies, some of us may be unfamiliar with the term bell palsy, but often we encounter where someone experiences the condition. Bell palsy treatment was often by Herbal Medicine treat bell palsy  or in a medical action.

Patients with bell palsy will experience changes in conditions, especially on the face, facial muscles that can not be in movement on the left or right area, the eyes can not blink, the lips can not be in motion perfectly, which will cause difficulties in speaking, eating or drinking.

Bell palsy slightly different from the stroke, this is because the stroke attacks the central nervous, where the patient may have paralysis, or loss of some memory, but not on bell palsy, cause of dysfunction in some facial muscles, still not known exactly what causes, Viruses, cold temperatures, stress or too tired in the signal to be the embryo of the bell palsy on someone.

Here is the experience of someone who can recover from a bell palsy just a month,

He said that the beginning of bell palsy is when he was on his way to work, he worked as a teacher in a school about 15 km away from home, traveling in the morning using a motorcycle caused cold wind and misty forge his face during the travel. In addition to sleep late soluble for completing work that must be brought tomorrow morning, it’s cause the body condition when leaving for work still feels tired.

Weirdness occurs when we get to school, he feels something is running on top of head, and often the occurrence of twitches on the eyes and face, feeling like it is a little hard to close the eyes, and lips, some colleagues say there is a changeo your face, So he took a mirror to see the condition and right, the position of the face is no longer symmetrical, he tries to drink water and the water is not all go into the mouth, a few drops back flowing through the left lip, because the lips can not perfectly close. Immediately after the check to the doctor, then he was diagnosed with bell palsy attack.

Step Treatment Bell palsy Herbs he took to reduce the impact and risks due to drugs made from chemicals. herbal medicine treat bell palsy on face

herbal medicine treat bell palsy on face, you can follow this step

  1. Cupping on the head: This is done to remove toxins in the blood of the head, and blood flow that can cause muscle become stiff.
Herbal Medicine treat Bell Palsy
Herbal Medicine treat Bell Palsy
  1. Consume Medicinal Medicinal Herbs, some herbal remedies that are routinely drunk every day during illness are
  • Olive oil you can buy in herbal medicine store
  • Capsule Gamat, capsules of this sea cucumber contains a very high protein, can be obtained through herbal drug stores or vendor vendors gamat capsule provider, which you can searching through search engines or google, use the original and trusted drugs.
  • Fish oil, the oil obtained from the ingredients present in the fish, is very harmful to launch blood circulation in the body, this oil is easy to get in pharmacies and herbal stores, use the original fish oil.
  • Stabilize blood, to stabilize the blood there are several options you can use, for high blood sufferers, consumption mengkudu fruit or noni, mengkudu fruit that is now extracted in the form of capsules can quickly lower high blood pressure, or for people with low blood can use spirulina, Spirulina is extract from green algae, both mengkudu and spirulina can be purchased at herbal store, or
  • Physio Therapy, this therapy is used to restore the face to the original position, physio therapy can be found in the city around you, or in the hospital. Physio therapy is done by heating the face, and gives the effect of vibration on the face, as well as some massage that will be given by therapy 


    By using the technique of Herbal Bell palsy Treatment combined with Physiotherapy, he can recover from belpasi in just 3 weeks, face back to normal and activities can be done as usual.But the best is not about how to treat bell palsy but how to maintain body condition to avoid all forms of disease, and do not forget to pray for every healing and health

Herbal Medicine treat Bell Palsy



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