Know the Differences Measles Rubella !!

The case of measles has always been a frightening thing for parents, according to health service data in 2016 there are 6,890 cases of measles, whereas measles is one of the mandatory immunization programs that are conduct by the government. Not only measles, at this time the children and toddlers are also threatened diseases such as measles that’s Rubella, Differences Measles Rubella

Differences Measles and Rubella
Measles is a disease that comes from the virus Paramyxoviridae, the initial symptoms experienced by measles is the emergence of red rash on the surface of the skin that can spread quickly.  Differences Measles Rubella

Symptoms of measles include
A. eyes flushed and become photopobia, that is fear with light
B. A very high fever reaches 40 degrees Celsius
C. There are white patches and grey on the inside of the mouth.


Differences Measles Rubella

Rubella has symptoms similar to measles,Differences Measles Rubella, but some of the things that make rubella more dangerous are serious complications that can cause inflammation of the brain. Rubella symptoms also begin with the appearance of red or pink rash on the skin. This rash can be itchy. The rash spreads rapidly on the surface of the skin.

Rubella Symptoms among others.
A. The presence of swollen lymph nodes around the ears and back of the head
B. High body temperature between 38 to 40 degrees Celsius.
C. In adults, there is inflammation and pain in the joints.

Rubella will be very dangerous for a pregnant woman if a pregnant woman has no immunity to the virus, she can pass it on to her unborn child. This virus can be a birth defect known as Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS). Such as mental disability, cataracts, deafness, cardiac abnormalities (congenital heart disease) and fetal growth more slowly than normal fetuses.
Prevention of measles and rubella virus can be done by using the vaccine, the vaccine itself comes from living virus that has been weakened, immunization not a guarantee of 100 percent of children will be spared from the disease. But will be able to minimize the impact caused by the virus.
Does our toddler need to be immunized, or is there a more natural way to boost the child’s immunity.


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