Causes Canker Cores in Baby and His Treatment Using Herbs

Causes Canker Cores in Baby and His Treatment Using Herbs. if your baby suddenly does not want to drink or refuse to breastfeed, there may be canker sores in his oral cavity. You need to know the cause and how to solve it.

Maybe you’ve had an experience when your baby refuses food. Or do not want to eat. but usually your baby is very voracious eating food

It could also be because there are other factors that make your child’s appetite disappear. To find out, try to open the baby’s mouth and notice whether there is a white or yellow sphere in the gums, the inside of the lips or cheeks. If there is, it could be canker sores.

The cause of the baby has canker sores

Thrush is actually rare in infants, especially infants aged 10 months and under. but there is a chance your baby will experience it. Although the cause can not be ascertained, but there are some things that may be the triggers of canker sores in infants include:

  1. Trauma in the mouth. Trauma can occur due to your child accidentally biting the tongue or the inside of his lips. The bite can then turn into canker sores.
  2. Food allergies.
    Too much consumption of sour fruits such as oranges and tomatoes.
    Deficiencies of certain vitamins such as folic acid, zinc, and B12.
  3. Infected with virus.
  4. Heredity.

Treating Canker In Baby

  1. Thrush can actually disappear by itself about 7-21 days, while the pain can last up to one and a half weeks. But do not wait for it to disappear without treatment.
  2. some steps you can take to cope with the baby’s canker:
  3. Compress canker sores with ice cubes. The cold can make the canker sores numb.
  4. Providing soft and cold-textured foods can also be tried.
    Make a solution consisting of water, salt and baking soda. After the finished solution, dip the cotton in the solution and then gently attach it to the sprue.
    Do this 3-4 times a day.

As long as your baby has canker sores, avoid giving him food that is too hot and sour. This type of food can make his mouth painful. You can also prevent it by maintaining the cleanliness of his mouth by brushing his teeth with a special baby toothbrush. Do it twice a day to remove the remaining food triggers canker sores. Causes Canker Cores in Baby and His Treatment Using Herbs

Herbal Medicine for canker sores

1. The medicine for canker sores for babies is yogurt. You can use this ingredient as an external medicine or an internal medicine. For babies older than 10 months, yogurt is safe to eat because it does not cause diarrhea, so you can give it to your baby. As for infants aged less than 10 months, you should use yogurt as controller population of Candida cause canker sores by attaching it to the lips that canker sores using cotton.

2. Banana and Honey To treat canker sores in infants, you can also use bananas and honey as a medicine. The medicine for canker sores in this one baby in addition to safe, also quite easy to make. Mash the ripe bananas and mix honey to taste so textured as pasta. Apply the paste right around the affected part of the sprue. Repeat this paste twice a day until the canker sores begin to dry up.

3. Coconut Oil or VCO Coconut oil and VCO contain caprylic acid, an acid that helps fight fungal infections that cause canker sores. You can use this ingredient as a canker remedy for your baby by applying it to the affected lips area using clean cotton. You can also apply coconut oil or VCO on the nipple before feeding the baby.

4. Coconut water also contains caprylic acid. Therefore, if canker sores occur in infants over 6 months of age, you may also try to utilize this content. Coconut water is already known as a panacea for deep heat and canker sores. Drink a few spoonfuls of coconut water to help cope with canker sores in your baby.

5. Baking Soda Baking soda is alkaline. This characteristic is highly disliked by Candida’s fungus that causes canker sores. Therefore, you can use this trait as a canker sores on your baby. You can stick a soda paste (made by mixing 1 tablespoon of pasta with enough water), then stick it to the nipple before suckling. Using clean cotton to help paste the paste in the baby’s thrush can also be done if the baby is still reluctant to suckle.

6. Candida fungus does not like salinity high in salt water. This trait you can use to cope with canker sores in infants. The trick is to increase the salinity of the area around the spray using salt water. Take white cotton, dip in brine, and then attach to the mouth or mouth cavity of a baby who attacked canker sores. Do it 3 times a day after bathing and see the changes.

Causes Canker Cores in Baby and His Treatment Using Herbs

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