BIANCA, a chatbot application for academic consultation at the University of Bandar Lampung

BIANCA, a chatbot application for academic consultation at the University of Bandar Lampung

Chatbot or chatterbot is a service of an app that is the result of artificial intelligence, where you can interact via chat. Currently, chatbots are widely used among others as command control, customer care, scripting engine, messaging application, virtual assistance, and domain expert.

Chatbot began to be developed in the year 1960. Initially, chatbot is a computer program that aims to trick users, when we chat through a chat app as if the reply to chat we are human when actually with the machine. As time goes by, chatbot keeps improving.

Chatbot was developed to simulate real human conversation. This is to answer the human desire to be able to talk to computers using the language used by humans.

Until 1966, Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a chatbot named Eliza. Eliza is designed as a chatbot that has the nature as a psychotherapist in interacting or chatting with human interlocutors. After the era of Eliza appeared and was successful, many other chatbot-chatbot apps like MegaHAL, Converse, Elizabeth and Alice

Chatbot now continues to grow, especially when the computer can do data mining better and the presence of machine learning. Microsoft, a company led by Nadella, is one of the companies that is serious enough working on chatbot technology. Microsoft has just introduced a chatbot named Rinna. A chatbot who plays a 19-year-old woman who can be invited to chat through the Line application in the Indonesian language.

Before Microsoft released Rinna in Indonesian, chatbot with the same name had already greeted the Japanese public. Chatbot Rinna in Japanese, was first introduced by Microsoft in 2015 via a Twitter account. Later, Rinna can also be addressed by Japanese public through Line. In addition to Rinna, Microsoft has issued a series of chatbot hers from the start of a controversial to a fairly successful.

Chatbot app tips evolve with the popularity of messaging-based services, such as LINE, WhatsApp or Messenger. Approximately started booming since 10 years ago, since 2007 when the smart phone model began to be widely marketed and used by the community.

chatbot application for academic consultation

Chatbot is developed to implement Artificial Intelligence in message reply apps. Artificial Intelligence (AI) began to be utilized in real terms in everyday life. Generally AI is combined with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to be able to accommodate questions from business customers.

one of the chatbot application made in Indonesia is Bianca, Bianca developed at the campus of the University of Bandar Lampung, Bianca which was developed in 2017 by students of computer science faculty, has the ability to answer questions raised by students. Bianca is an effective application to replace academic consulting activities, in addition to communicating with lecturers, students also have other alternatives to conduct academic consultations.

chatbot application for academic consultation

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