Tools and Materials to Make Tapis Fabric Lampung

Tools and Materials to Make Tapis.

Tapis Lampung Basic Material: Lampung Tapis fabric which is a traditional handicraft of Lampung society is made from cotton yarn and gold thread. Cotton yarn is a yarn derived from cotton material and used as a base material in the manufacture of filter cloth, while the gold thread is used to make decorative on the filter with a system of embroidery. In 1950, the tapis craftsmen still used their own processing materials, especially for weaving materials. The process of using the system of binding, while the use of gold thread has been known for a long time.

The raw materials include:
• Drawing / cotton is used for making yarn.
• Silkworm cocoon to make silk thread.
• Pantis / honeycomb candle to stretch the yarn.
• Lemongrass root for yarn preservative. • Betel leaf to make cloth color does not fade.
• Young areca nut, leaf of girlfriend, bark of wicked wood for red dye.
• Bark of wood, bark of rambutan for black dye.
• Bark of mahogany or durian wooden pine for brown dye.
• Dried fruit or talom leaves for blue dye.
• Turmeric and whiting for yellow dyes.

At this time the materials mentioned above are rarely used again, because substitute of the above materials have been widely traded in the market. Weaving Equipment Tapis Fabric:
The process of weaving the filter cloth using the following tools:
• Sesang is a tool for arranging the yarn before it is installed on the loom.
• Mattakh is a tool for weaving filter fabric that consists of parts

Tools and Materials to Make Tapis:
• Terikan (rolling tool yarn)
• Cacap (a tool for putting mettakh tools)
• Belida (a tool for closing the yarn)
• Thrust (tool for arranging yarn and separating yarn)
• Apik (tool to hold the stretch of yarn and roll the woven product)
• Guyun (tool for regulating yarn)
• Ijan or Peneken (weavers allowance)
• sekeli (tool for the place where the thread rolls, ie the thread inserted transversely)
• Terupong / Binoculars (a tool for inserting weft yarn into woven)
• Amben (a weaver’s weaving tool)
• Tekang is a tool for stretching the cloth when embroidering gold thread.

Tools and Materials to Make Tapis

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